Tips for Hassle-Free Home Construction

tips 7Build for Your Future: When planning your home's layout, think not only about your current lifestyle but also plan for a few years down the road.

What will their lives look like in the future? Not just financially, but physically. As we all know, when we get older we can't do the same things we did when we were younger. For older adults, a master bedroom on the ground floor is a smart bet. These days our average life expectancy is much longer than it used to be. Because of this it's important to design your home to transition with you throughout all the ages and stages of life. For example; designing your new home to have 3' doorways makes it possible for you to stay in your home during your later years even if you end up using a walker or a wheelchair. Additionally, designing your home with wider hallways and installing structural backing for potential future handrails doesn't cost much during the construction process of your home. However, if you have to go back later and make these types of changes it can be a major remodel which takes time and money. There are many other factors to consider such as bathroom, kitchen and laundry room access. If you want to have the option to Age-In-Place, you'll need to design the home to be ready for your In-Home-Care.
To help with all of this, Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI) has designed the Transitional Home Environment (T.H.E.) This is a series of homes that will transition with you throughout all the ages and stages of life. We already have 3 homes designed that incorporate these features, the Maywood (600sqft.), the Sonoma (682sqft.) and the Bodega (1,196sqft.). We can also incorporate these features into our other 34 plans / building kits. If you have your own plan ideas we can produce custom plans / building kits using your ideas and incorporate our T.H.E. features. The goal of our T.H.E. series of home plans / building kits is for the home to transition with you throughout your ages and stages of life.
If you'd like to learn more about our Transitional Home Environment (T.H.E.), our contact location can be found at www.PremierHomeKits.com